Inner and outer grooming is becoming necessary for any self-respecting man in today’s world. The five-second glance in the mirror before walking out of the house is no longer enough as self-care practices for men go beyond desirable appearances to matters of hygiene and mental health.


It is incredible how my male students have managed to keep themselves in check. They are not just going for looks but want an enchanting smell as well. Their confidence is on another level as they keep showing up in refined fashion styles.


Summer’s heat can be a bit discouraging, but it is coming to an end—finally, self-care without the heat and humidity of summer.


It is high time we shed light on grooming and self-care practices that men are seldom taught. In addition to the practices mentioned in the article (8 Essential Grooming Practices We Should Teach Men About Self-Care and Grooming), we have collated 8 more grooming practices that every man should take up.


8 More Grooming Practices That Every Man Should Take on Board.

  1. Smelly Shoes

It is more about foot hygiene than it is about shoes.


Whether you are always in socks or like it sockless so your feet can breathe, foot hygiene is a basic necessity for every man. Some people in my life with the privilege to see me regularly have raised questions about my feet condition. I like going out sockless on a hot day as it helps me regulate my sweating, but this can be a foreign concept to many.


Here are some critical lessons on foot hygiene.


  1. Water solves about half of our hygiene issues, and that’s only if we use it well. This means employing a foot-dedicated loofah and soap to clean through toes and a clipper for nicely trimmed nails, but you already know about this bit.


  1. Try out the No-see socks. These socks decrease your foot’s flavor by up to 90%. You can wear them to work, the gym, and even on casual days. They are the best socks to help prevent bacteria from growing. Call it the Two in One hack.
  2. Powder. I bet you have tried this already. Try it on your feet or the insole of your sneakers. This hack will curb sweat any day. Let the insoles air dry, too, and you’ll be shocked at how effective the sun is.


  1. Shoe Trees. Cedar shoe trees will absorb sweat and help maintain your shoe shape in the long run.


  1. Teeth Care

You don’t have to brush your teeth, just the ones you need!


I could go on and on about how I brush my teeth after every meal, use mouthwash, tongue scraper, floss, name it! Anything to avoid bad breath and decay.


Twenty years in, a sonic toothbrush remains the best at-home tool for clean teeth with up to 50,000 vibrations per minute. Many people consider them expensive, but the recent upgrade to SmartClean sonic toothbrush makes it worth every cent.


The Ollie’s SmartClean sonic toothbrush comes in 5 different modes and a two-minute timer to help you follow your dentist’s orders. The best part of the package is the 90-day subscription package that allows you to replace your toothbrush from Ollie’s at only $13, giving your toothbrush a Lifetime Warranty.


  1. Body Odor

Moisture= bacteria= smell; we already established this.


Your pits and nether regions retain moisture, and things get bad quickly when little attention is given to them.


There is nothing wrong with a touch of deodorant if you are a light sweater. Deodorant, however, does not do much other than mask the smell. On the other hand, antiperspirants close your pores, so you do not sweat. Dangerous, right? Maybe not. Unless you are blocking every pore, you have.


When all else fails, trimming is an option worth exploring. A little bit here and there works fine by me.


  1. Sunscreen

I cannot count the number of times my father said this to us. Skincare is a necessity more than we would like to convey luxury.


CeraVe offers my ultimate favorite body lotion with sunblock, SPF 30. It is the best for oily skin because it is less greasy and does not block your pores. Thank me when you are fifty, with evenly toned and taut skin.


  1. Eyebrows

Use your tweezers and pluck any stray hairs getting in the way of a clean look, including those sticking out on the underside of your brow.


  1. Itchy Scalp

It could be Seasonal Allergies, dry winter air, or just dry skin. There are so many reasons why you could have an itchy scalp. All you have to do is shampoo your hair at least every two days, depending on your hair. Head and Shoulders have a unique anti-itch spray that I would recommend. It will not dry your hair as much as regular dandruff shampoo would.


  1. Know your limits.

If anyone is getting this right, it’s the millennials. Millennials worldwide choose to protect their mental health and relationships at work and outside work by understanding and respecting their limits.


The idea is to leave your work in the office and never carry it home. And no, this is not laziness. It’s an art of striking a balance that men must prioritize. There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile if possible, but learn that saying no does not make you any less of a team player. It shows you are aware that balance is a self-care practice you cannot neglect.





  1. Maintain a Food Journal

The payoff of a healthy lifestyle is immense. These apps are everywhere and easily accessible to us on our phones. Track your eating patterns, count your calories, and your general body changes. For instance, how do you feel when you eat sugar? When do you drink water? Not forgetting to keep track of your weight.

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