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How to make hair healthy from roots

Hair is a unique and complex thing. It’s made up of strands of keratin, which is the same substance that makes up our hair shaft. And just like any other part of our body, our hair needs care and attention to stay healthy. If you’re wondering how to make hair healthy from the roots, keep reading.


How to make hair healthy from roots


There are a few easy ways to make your hair healthy from the roots. One way is to use natural products, like apple cider vinegar or honey, to keep your scalp and hair free of toxins.

Another way is to use Moroccan oil as a conditioning treatment before you shampoo. It helps to seal in moisture and protect your hair from damage.

Finally, avoid using harsh chemicals on your locks every day, especially if you have color-treated hair. These chemicals can be damaging and can lead to dryness, fizziness, and even split ends.


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Dial down the heat.


One of the most important things you can do to keep your hair healthy is to dial down the heat. When your hair is heated up, it loses moisture and can become brittle.

You want to avoid using too much heat on your hair in the first place, and if you have to use it, make sure you use a cool or cold towel to help reduce how much heat is transferred to your hair.


Boost your vitamin


If you’re looking to boost your vitamin intake, adding a few supplements to your hair care routine can be a great way to go. Here are some of the best vitamins for hair health:


Vitamin A is essential for healthy hair and skin. It helps keep hair follicles healthy and prevents them from becoming clogged with oils and other substances. Vitamin A can also help improve the elasticity and strength of hair.


Vitamin C is another essential nutrient for hair health. It helps protect against damage caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can cause damage to cells. Vitamin C also helps promote the growth of new hair strands.


Vitamin E is important for protecting the cells in the scalp that produce hairspray. It helps prevent the cells from breaking down and promoting dandruff. In addition, vitamin E can help increase the natural shine of hair.


If you’re looking to increase your intake of specific vitamins or minerals, consider adding a supplement to your daily hair care routine. Each person’s needs will vary, so it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.


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Up the protein


There are a few things you can do to help your hair from the roots up. Start by using a protein treatment every two weeks to help strengthen and revitalize the hair shaft.

You can also add coconut oil, which is known for its ability to promote healthy hair growth, to your shampoo and conditioner.

Finally, eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of antioxidants and vitamins for healthy hair follicles.


Use a cool rinse


If you want your hair to be healthy, you need to start at the root. That’s where all of the damage occurs. To keep your hair healthy and strong, use a cool rinse every time you wash it.

This will help remove any dirt, oils, or product residue that may have built up on your strands. This also helps prevent split ends and damaged hair from happening in the first place.


How can you make hair healthy from roots


So how can you make hair healthy from roots? Here are five simple tips:


  1. Drink plenty of water – staying hydrated is important for overall health, and it’s just as important for your hair. Make sure to drink enough water throughout the day, not only when you first wake up but also during the evening.

Drinking plenty of water will help keep your hair follicles hydrated and promote healthy hair growth.


  1. Take care of your scalp – the skin on your scalp is incredibly sensitive and needs special attention if you want to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Apply a quality shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed for scalp health, use a moisturizer every day, and avoid styling products that contain sulfates or harsh chemicals.


  1. Eat a balanced diet – while there isn’t necessarily one “right” way to eat, making sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet will help improve the overall health of your hair follicles. Eating foods high in antioxidants will help protect against free radical damage and support cell regeneration, which can result in thicker, healthier hair.



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