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What Eyes Does Naruto Have

Naruto Uzumaki, the protagonist of the popular Japanese manga and anime series Naruto, is known for his bright orange hair and nine-tailed fox spirit sealed within him. But what about his eyes? Throughout the course of the story, Naruto’s eyes undergo various changes and transformations. In this article, we’ll explore all of the different eye powers that Naruto has exhibited over time and how they shape his character development. From Sharingan to Rinnegan, read on to discover all of Naruto’s unique abilities through his eyes!

What is the difference between Naruto’s eyes?

There are two main types of Naruto’s eyes- the Sharingan and the Byakugan. The Sharingan is a special type of eye that allows the user to copy techniques and see through illusions. The Byakugan is another special type of eye that gives the user enhanced vision, allowing them to see chakra and identify pressure points.

There are two types of Naruto’s eyes- his normal eyes and his Sharingan. His normal eyes are brown, and his Sharingan is red. The Sharingan is a special type of eye that allows the user to copy techniques, see through genjutsu, and predict the opponent’s movements.

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How did Naruto get the Sharingan?

As most fans know, the Sharingan is an ocular jutsu passed down through the Uchiha clan. It’s activated by stress or strong emotions and allows the user to copy other ninjutsu, as well as see through genjutsu and Taijutsu. The Sharingan also gives users the ability to track fast moving objects, and predicts movements. The final stage of the Sharingan, known as the Mangekyo Sharingan is obtained after experiencing a great loss.

So how did Naruto get this powerful ocular jutsu? Well, it all started when he was training with Jiraiya. While training in a hot spring, Naruto had an accident and ended up getting trapped under a boulder. As he was about to give up hope, he heard Kyuubi’s voice in his head telling him not to give up. This gave Naruto the strength to free himself and continue on with his training.

Later on, during the 4th Shinobi World War, Madara Uchiha used his Sharingan to cast a Genjutsu on all the Allied Shinobi Forces. This Genjutsu put them into a dream-like state where they relived their worst fears and experiences. However, because of Naruto’s strong connection with Kyuubi, he was able to resist Madara’s Genjutsu and break free from it.

It was then that Madara realized that Naruto was the jinchuriki of Kyuubi and decided to give him his own Sharingan as a reward for being able to resist his Genjutsu. This is how Naruto got the Sharingan, and how he was able to use it in battle against powerful opponents.

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What are the benefits of having the Sharingan?

The Sharingan is a powerful tool that allows the user to see into the future and anticipate their opponent’s moves. This can give them a significant advantage in battle, as they can react faster and better predict their opponent’s next move. Additionally, the Sharingan can be used to copy an opponent’s techniques, which can be useful for learning new techniques or countering an opponent’s strategy.

The Sharingan is a powerful tool that allows the user to see things they normally wouldn’t be able to see. It also allows the user to copy other people’s techniques and learn from them. The Sharingan is also useful for finding weak points in an opponent’s defense and for predicting their next move.

Does Naruto ever lose his Sharingan?

No, Naruto never loses his Sharingan. He may lose access to it if he is unable to control its power, but he always eventually gains access to it again.

No, Naruto does not lose his Sharingan. The Sharingan is a special eye technique that is passed down through the Uchiha clan. It allows the user to see an opponent’s chakra, as well as copy their techniques. However, the Sharingan can only be used for a limited time before it starts to wear down the user’s eyesight.

No, Naruto does not ever lose his Sharingan. The Sharingan is a permanent eye technique that can only be deactivated by the user.


Naruto has an iconic look and a defining feature that sets him apart from other characters. His bright blue eyes are his signature and are often used to show emotion in the series. By using them, Naruto can express himself in ways he otherwise couldn’t, which is one of the reasons why this beloved character remains popular with fans all over the world. Whether you’re drawn to Naruto’s unique story or just love those gorgeous blue eyes, there’s no denying that they make him stand out among other anime characters.


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