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Everything You Need To Know About Sumatriptan

According to recent studies, Migraine headaches affect more than one billion people annually across the world. Although this illness is unlikely to cause brain damage or death directly, there’s a need to find an effective solution to it as early as possible. In case you’re currently experiencing a migraine, Sumatriptan is one of the most effective migraine tablets you can rely on to cure the headache.


What are Sumatriptan Migraine Tablets and what do they include? How exactly do these tablets work to cure migraines? Read on to discover everything you should know about this migraine medication.

Medication features of Sumatriptan Tablets

  • Comes as a generic type of Imigran
  • Highly effective medicine to combat all migraine-related symptoms
  • Sumatriptan falls under the category of medicines, called triptans

Overview of Sumatriptan Tablets

About Sumatriptan

Irrespective of the level of migraines that you have (aura or non-aura), you can always rely on Sumatriptan for instant migraine relief at home. This drug is classified as triptans, a family of tryptamine-based drugs.


In case you don’t know, triptans work by helping to constrict a patient’s widened blood vessels, which are responsible for causing migraine headaches, pains, and symptoms. Sumatriptan is generally an effective and well-tolerated form of triptan. Interestingly, apart from migraine tablets, you’ll find this product available in different dosage forms, including nasal spray and injection.

How exactly does sumatriptan work?

According to health experts, a lot of factors, such as stress, changes in weather, sleep changes, and many more, can cause migraines.

migraine treatment
migraine treatment
  • Migraines often surface as a result of the widening of blood vessels inside the brain.
  • With this migraine medication, it becomes very easy to constrict these blood vessels in the brain.
  • This constriction process will help to reverse the effects of the migraine and alleviate the different symptoms you may be experiencing.
  • Interestingly, Sumatriptan migraine tablets work very quickly. To be precise, this drug takes roughly 30 minutes to become effective. This explains why we recommend people take it as soon as the migraine symptoms start surfacing.

How to use Sumatriptan

The best time to use Sumatriptan for effective migraine treatment is immediately when you start feeling the migraine symptom. It’s not advisable to take the drug before the illness enters the aura phase.


As for the second tablet, you should only take it 2 to 3 hours after the first tablet, especially if the symptom didn’t disappear immediately.


  • Note that only 2 tablets are recommended for the same migraine within the space of 24 hours.
  • You need to also understand that Sumatriptan migraine tablets are available in two options – 50mg and 100mg.
  • Start by using the 50mg tablet. However, if the symptom fails to disappear, you can give the 100mg tablet a trial, as it’s more effective.
  • If used accordingly, you’ll find Sumatriptan very effective for migraine treatment after 30 minutes of taking the tablet.

Sumatriptan vs Imigran: how do they compare?

As earlier mentioned in the medication features section, Sumatriptan is the generic version of Imigran. Imigran is the branded version. Interestingly, both Imigran and Sumatriptan contain the same active ingredient, known as sumatriptan succinate.


Another interesting thing about Imigran and Sumatriptan is that both anti-sickness tablets work almost the same way. They are both effective and medically the same. The only problem, however, is personal preference. If you’re the type that prefers the generic version, you can always opt for Sumatriptan. However, if the branded version is what you have interest in, Imigran is the perfect choice.

Alternative medication

Today, all migraine medications don’t usually work the same way for everyone. There’s no denying that medications that fall under the triptan family are effective and work the same way. However, to pick the most effective one for migraine treatments, you may need to try up to 3 different triptan products on three different occasions. Here’s why we’re recommending some other effective Sumatriptan alternatives for migraine relief and prevention. At Ashcroft pharmacy, you can also shop for these drugs:


  • Imigran
  • Rizatriptan
  • Zomig
  • Maxalt Melt
  • Zolmitriptan


These triptans are readily available for purchase at Ashcroft pharmacy. Apart from these migraine medications, other products you can consider to treatevsevere headaches are anti sickness medication (Buccastem M) and painkillers, such as Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, and Aspirin.

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