Emergency Air Ambulance: Warning Signs It’s Time To Get Emergency Medical Services

The importance of the accident & emergency (A&E) unit of every hospital can’t be overemphasized enough. This unit is designed to assist patients with very serious injuries and life-threatening health conditions. That said, knowing exactly when to call an ambulance for emergency medical services is a very important decision.

The situation even gets more critical if the ambulance you call fails to get to you at the right time. If the condition is very critical and you’re sure the nearest ground ambulance service will struggle to get to you, calling a suitable air ambulance may be the right solution. Since every minute counts for patients with critical health conditions, learning when to call an air ambulance is important to keep a patient alive.

In the rest of this medical-related post, you’ll better understand the warning signs to know it’s time to call an emergency air ambulance in Costa Rica.

1.   Every second counts!

Time is certainly the number one factor why calling flying ambulance services is very important. However, before you go ahead to call the air ambulance, you need to ask yourself this question – Is time an important factor in keeping this patient alive?

Today, not all clinical emergencies need the services of air ambulance services. To be sure the patient certainly needs a medical air ambulance, below are a few health conditions you need to check:

  • Trauma
  • Stroke
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Heart problems
  • Fatal accident & trauma

If your patient has any of the following problems, calling an air ambulance is certainly the right solution.

Free photo doctors pushing emergency stretcher bed in corridor

2.   Trauma center

Does the patient’s health condition require you to visit a trauma center? In case you don’t know, the team of health workers at a trauma center helps to treat any patient with critical injuries and life-threatening health conditions.

If the patient is severely injured, calling for multi-disciplinary, emergency medical services is important. If you reside in Nosara, San Teresa, Cobano, or Guiones, a good company you can rely on for the best emergency air transport is LifeGuard Costa Rica.

3.   Stroke

There are tons of reasons why you may need to transport a stroke patient today.

  • For instance, transporting the patient to the nearest stroke center may be important if the condition starts at home or in a public place.
  • Transporting the stroke patient may also be important if they need to do surgery or further examination in another location.
  • Is the stroke patient currently in a health center that’s not capable of handling their condition?

If you’re experiencing any of these aforementioned cases, calling for an emergency air ambulance is important. Why?

  • First, speed is a very important factor when transporting any stroke patient that is in the recovery stage. With the right medical air ambulance, the patient can quickly be transported to their destination.
  • The best air ambulance can offer the strike patient the right personnel and equipment as they move from one location to another.


4.   Severe heart problems

Does your patient have a severe heart problem and need intensive health care? If yes, calling an air ambulance is the safest and quickest way to get the patient to the new intensive health care facility.

A good example of severe heart problems is acute myocardial infarction (MI) or heart attack. In this case, a patient needs to be transported with a suitable flying ambulance service if there’s an urgent need for implantable automatic defibrillators.

Free photo injured woman treated by paramedic

Why should you trust LifeGuard Costa Rica today?

LifeGuard Costa Rica is a healthcare company that offers air ambulance and clinic services in different cities in Costa Rica, including Guiones, Nosara, San Teresa, and Cobano. Apart from offering safe transportation, you can also trust this healthcare facility to get top-quality clinical services.

To learn more about how LifeGuard Costa Rica’s emergency medical services work, you can visit the official website.

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