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Ayurmana Kerala: Transformative Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda


Migraine is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide. The pounding headache, sensitivity to light and sound, and nausea can make even the simplest tasks unbearable. Traditional medicine often fails to provide long-lasting relief, leaving sufferers desperate for a solution. That’s where migraine treatment in ayurveda.

What is Ayurmana Kerala?

Ayurmana Kerala is a renowned Ayurvedic center located in the picturesque state of Kerala, India. It is nestled in the lap of nature, surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil backwaters. The center is dedicated to providing holistic healing for various ailments, with a special focus on migraine treatment.

The Ayurvedic Approach

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, takes a holistic approach to healthcare. It believes in the balance of mind, body, and spirit for overall well-being. Ayurmana Kerala follows this philosophy and offers personalized treatment plans for each individual based on their unique constitution (dosha).

Transformative Treatments

Ayurmana Kerala offers a range of transformative treatments for migraine relief. These treatments are designed to not only alleviate the symptoms but also address the root cause of the condition. Here are some of the key treatments offered at Ayurmana Kerala:


Nasyam is a nasal administration of medicated oils or powders. It is believed to have a direct impact on the central nervous system, helping to calm the mind and relieve migraines.


Shirodhara involves pouring warm herbal oils on the forehead in a continuous stream. This deeply relaxing treatment helps to reduce stress, promote better sleep, and alleviate migraines.


Pizhichil is a unique Ayurvedic treatment where warm medicated oil is poured over the body in a rhythmic manner. This therapy not only relieves migraines but also rejuvenates the body and mind.


Abhyanga is a full-body massage using herbal oils. It helps to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, and promote overall relaxation, which can be beneficial in managing migraines.

The Ayurmana Experience

Ayurmana Kerala offers a serene and tranquil environment for healing. The center is staffed by experienced Ayurvedic doctors and therapists who provide personalized care and attention to each patient. The treatments are complemented by a nutritious Ayurvedic diet, yoga, and meditation sessions to enhance the healing process.


If you’re tired of living with the constant pain and discomfort of migraines, Ayurmana Kerala may be the answer you’ve been looking for. With its transformative treatments, holistic approach, and serene environment, it offers a unique and effective solution for migraine relief. Visit Ayurmana Kerala and experience the transformative power of Ayurveda.

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