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 Hardcore Sex Positions

Before getting married, women face arguably the toughest question of their lives – are you ready to have sex with only one person for the rest of your life?

Most women think of the same thing – their sex lives are going to be boring, monotonous, and routine – like Jennifer Aniston  from Office Space in her sex scene with Lumbergh . “Umm, yeah, can you move a little over to the left.. umm, yeah.” And just like that, you begin to envy your single friends' one-night stands.

But, if you think about it – what makes a one night stand exciting? I mean, they usually follow the same format – sloppy, drunk kissing, followed by sloppy groping, a few seconds of oral sex (read: sloppy), leading to the missionary sex position and sometimes the doggy style sex position too. Occasionally, someone might get hit with the shocker. But, in the end, one leaves as quietly and discreetly as possible, minimizing the number of words that have to be spoken, always feeling just a little dirty.

What makes it all worth it? Variety. Despite all the negatives, the sex is always new, always different, and while it may not be better, it might be the best!

However, done properly, sex in a long term relationship can introduce an entirely new dimension of pleasure and variety. There are hundreds of distinct sex positions, with literally thousands of variations. There are sex positions designed for him, each one hitting a different spot from a different angle. There are sex positions designed for him, each one giving him varying degrees of control of motion and penetration. There are sex positions that are perfect for angry sex, make up sex, morning breath sex, and closet and airplane bathroom sex too.

Sex Position Name - Cowboy


She's on her back with her knees at her chest. He is kneeling, holding her legs apart and using her thighs for support, and controlling all motion.


Sex Position Name - Catapult


He's seated with his legs outstretched, and she's straddling him, stomach down facing away from him. They both control the motion, him by moving waist, and her by using her hips.

Catapult Position


Sex Position Name - Horizon


Both him and her lie side by side, head to toe. She straddles him from the side, while his legs are outstretched. They both control the motion.

Horizon Position


Position Name – London Bridge


He arches his back, facing upwards and using his hands for support. She's on top, straddling him, controlling all motion. Think of this one like riding a vibrator in a rodeo. Definitely not for those with back problems, or those who want to have a healthy back.

London Bridge Position


Sex Position Name - Bodybuilder


He's standing up, holding her up, while she straddles his waist. They both control the motion on this position. Use a wall for support if you need it.

Bodybuilder Position


Sex Position Name - 70


The ultimate in dual oral sex. He stands up, knees bent, while she is upside down, supported by him and her arm on the floor. She'll need some real dexterity and strength for this one – get a standing floor mirror if you try this one. Hell – get a video camera if you get this one to work!

70 Position


Sex Position Name - Butterfly


She's on her back, hips raised. He's on his knees, facing her. One step up from standard missionary, but with all new pleasure for her. She gets to control some of the motion here, using her back and thighs. Use a pillow to support her back if necessary.

Butterfly Position


Sex Position Name - Plow


He's standing up, while she's upside down in front of him, on her hands and elbows. Think doggy style, except he's standing up and she's upside down. He has great control of the motion, and she's got a new angle that hits the spot.

Plow Position


Sex Position Name - Float


Another great modification of the missionary position. He's on his knees, holding her up with her back. She's straddling him, and might be holding him by the shoulders or the neck. He can use both his arms and legs to control the motion – she's just along for the ride!

Float Position


Sex Position Name - Dominator


If she's ever taken a yoga lesson, this sex position is for him! She's using her shoulders and elbows to support her hips so she's upside down. He steps in from the top and drills down. He's got great control of motion, and both partners have a great view of the action.

Dominator Position


Sex Position Name - Cradle


He sits upright, while she mounts him with her legs above his shoulders. She holds onto his shoulders while he uses his arms and thighs to control motion. She can also use his shoulders to add to the motion. This position is great in a narrow hallway, where you can use both sides to push against to help with the motion.

Dominator Position


Sex Position Name - Tornado


Both partners are standing with one leg on the ground and the other leg around the other partner. Both partners can control motion and have to be in sync to really make it work. This one is great for a phone booth, airplane bathroom, or straight jacket!

Tornado Position

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