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"I called 4 or 5 times before I was ready to place an order with you. I just could not believe that Embrace could actually make a difference. I was very hesitant and had a lot of questions. I finally decided to try it for only a month, even though I was told that it takes more than one month to see results. I received my package and started using Embrace that same day. By the end of the week, my breasts were getting firmer and tender. I just couldn't believe it."  







"I just turned 40 and am recently divorced. Embrace has really helped me to make the transition. I feel good about myself, my appearance and my future. It sounds shallow that I would think that because I have larger breasts I'm happier, but I have to say it really makes a difference. "







"I started using Embrace 10 days ago. I was told by one of your representatives that it takes about 5 to 6 weeks to see results, so I never expected to see results before then. Two days ago as I was massaging the cream, my breasts felt a little larger but I really didn't give it much thought. That night, my boyfriend said that I looked bigger. I couldn't believe it. I kept telling him it's too soon, it's only been 10 days. But he said 'Look, your bra is too tight, it fit you fine before.' Those were the sweetest words I had ever heard. I am so excited about Embrace. I just can't wait to see the change it will make in the coming weeks."






"My clothes used to fit the way they should on a young girl. In high school everybody thought I was a boy because I was flat chested. People can be so stupid and cruel. I'm really happy now and that's a first. Thanks!"








"I recently lost 25lbs. with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Unfortunately, I also lost a cup size. I decided to use Embrace because I was told there was no weight gain associated with it. I was not about to gain all that weight back just because I needed breasts. I am happy to say that not only do I now wear my old bras, but they are beginning to be a little small for me. This is great."








"I had used two other products before using Embrace. My concerns were of course the cost and side effects. The product I was using offered to "balance my hormones", that was a nightmare. I had my period for 3 weeks straight and to make the problem worse my face broke out as if I was hitting puberty again at the age of 42! The second product I used, I had to take 12 capsules a day, the company did not offer a guarantee, and the program cost was $1200.00. So when I called Embrace, I had a lot of questions. I was surprised that your product did not have these side effects and the company offered such a generous guarantee. I have been using Embrace for about 6 weeks, and I love the results. It is a fabulous product, it has helped me clear my skin, and I just love it. I am very happy that I found Embrace and I am sorry I gave your customer service such a hard time before trying your product."







"Dear Embrace, I called your office a few months ago and asked for information about your breast enhancement product. I was surprised to hear that your product is priced way below others. I thought a higher price meant a better product. I bought your competitor's product and tried it for 12 weeks without any results. I also spent close to $500. I started using Embrace only 3 weeks ago and already I see a difference in my breasts. I am so sorry that I didn't start Embrace sooner."







"I always thought that I had ample breasts.  But to support my boyfriend's wishes, I tried Embrace.  I measured myself beforehand and tried to keep all other variables in check (like keeping my diet and exercise consistent).  In about 2 weeks, I noticed that my C cup bra was actually more snug than usual.  Now I'm on my way to a D cup and all thanks to this cream that I honestly did not place a lot of expectation on!  So maybe this isn't just for A cup girls - it can help out even those of us who aren't starting small!"








"I just wanted to thank you for this special cream. I have to tell you that I was not a believer in these type of products, but I have been using Embrace for about 5 weeks now. The difference is unbelievable. I didn't think that what you claimed was true, but it was. I love it. I'm only 27, and I have been unhappy with my breast since I was 16. In the past 5 weeks that I have been using Embrace, I have seen so much improvement, it feels like I am turning back the time. I will never stop using Embrace. I am very grateful for what you have done for me. I have told every woman that I know, about your product. Please send me information on reselling Embrace. A few of my friends are interested in trying it too."







"To whom it my concern: I came across Embrace about a month before I was supposed to have breast augmentation surgery to increase my size. I thought the worst thing that could happen is that the product doesn't work, and I will go ahead with the surgery. I used the capsules and the cream simultaneously and I got the results that I thought I could get only through surgery. Your product has saved me thousands of dollars and possibly future complications as well. Needless to say that when I called to cancel my surgery, I was asked why. When I told them about Embrace, the nurse told me that they had heard about your product too.







"After our second child, my wife went into a depression about her looks. She complained that her breasts were not firm, sagged, and overall smaller. Our sex life became non-existent, and nothing I did could make her feel confident that I found her still attractive. I had no idea that this had such a heavy affect on her. I did not want to suggest anything close to a breast enhancement, but one day she was really upset and finally told me that I did not find her attractive anymore because her breasts were not young and firm anymore. Of course its not true but what could I do? We went in for breast implant consultations and they all scared her. We went to salons for treatments, and we bought a lot of products. But in the end it was Embrace that made the difference. Her breasts actually look firmer after a couple of months and she told me that she feels young again. Let's just say that she is very happy now."






"My wife tried Embrace for 3 months and I could really see and feel the difference. Her breasts were fuller and firmer. I was really a happy man. However we were frustrated that we needed to purchase more to maintain the change in her breasts, but I have to say that it is worth it!"





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