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 Tribute to The Beauty of The Female Body



I think that the human female body is the most beautiful thing there is. It is sad to hide such a beautiful piece of art under clothes. With this web, I hope to remove the shamefulness that is associated with female nudity. The female body is something to be proud of, not something to be ashamed of. (All women shown nude on this web are to the best of my knowledge 18 years or older.)


Are you a girl who thinks that the pictures on this web are beautiful? Would you also like to expose your body so that other people can enjoy the beauty of your body? In that case, why not begin by taking pictures of yourself using a digital camera? Here follow some tips on how you can do that.

Alternative 1: Use the delayed shutter of your camera

Almost all cameras have a delayed shutter mechanism. Just enable the delayed shutter mechanism, press the button and run so that you are in front of the camera before the delay expires.

It may take some attempts before you find yourself placed in a good position in the picture but that is no problem with a digital camera since you can easily delete pictures that are not good.

Alternative 2: Take a photo towards a mirror

You can hold the camera and take a picture towards a mirror. The difficult thing with this is that you can't use a flash because then you get an ugly reflection from the flash in the mirror that obscures a big part of the picture. However, not using a flash requires a long shutter time and that easily leads to an unsharp picture. You have to hold the camera extremely still or place the camera on a flat surface in order to get a good picture.

Female Body

Alternative 3: Hold the camera towards you

You can stretch out your arm and hold the camera towards you. However, it is then very difficult to not get the camera closer to you than the minimum distance that the camera can handle to get a sharp picture. There is a tool called quikpod that you can use to prevent this. That tool works as an extension of your arm when you want to take pictures of yourself.

It is also difficult to take a photo of all of your body at the same time. Furthermore, since you can't see what the camera sees, it is very easy to angle the camera erroneously so that only parts of you end up in the picture. It may therefore require some attempts before you get a good picture.

Nude Body


Beauty Body

Help & Support

I will be happy in helping you out, for example if you want help with selecting which of the photos you have taken that are the best ones. Just email me at or .

If you want to, I can also post pictures you have taken on this web along with information you would like me to post. However, if you don't want me to post the pictures you send me, you can be assured that I will not publish them anywhere.


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