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 What's the average women's breast size?

There have been many studies with similar results about women's breast size increases.

According to the results of the "UK" survey  the average bra size in the UK has increased from a 34B in the 1950s to a 36C today.

Lingerie manufacturer Frederick's of Hollywood reports that in 1996, the average size of bras they sold was 34B. Currently, the average is a 36C. Now, granted those who purchase lingerie from Frederick's are not statistically representative sampling of American women. Nonetheless, this change is extremely interesting.

 According to The Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior, breasts across Asia grew from 34A to 34C between 1980 and 2000.

There could be many reasons for the increase in the average woman's breast size, including over the last couple of decades the popularity of cosmetic surgery and the breast augmentation.  Couple that with the resent advances in natural breast enlargement pills and breast enlargement creams.  So it looks like women actually have been getting bigger as the American and for that matter the world has grown fascinated with larger breast.  Now lets not forget the other major contributor to women's breast getting larger and that is weight gain.  With American's becoming more over weight over the years, that I'm sure has contributed to some of the increases in bra sizes.  If your interested in increasing your breast size we would recommend you take a look at some of the reviews we have on natural breast enlargement.

 So how does your bust compare to the average woman?

Cup Size % Women
AA 1%
A 11%
B 28%
C 44%
D 14%
DD 2%
Women Breast Size
Other Interesting Breast Facts
                                                           Cup Size % Women  
                                                          D cup or larger 16%  
                                                          C Cup or larger 60%  
                                                           B cup or Larger 88%  



 Bra Size Chart


Breast Size Measurement #1
Stand up very straight. Measure at the widest part of your bustline, over the nipples. This measurement should be relaxed (not snug). Again, be sure the tape is straight across the back.


  Bra Size Measurement #2
First, measure around your ribcage, directly under your bustline. The tape should be snug and must be absolutely straight in the back. Use your mirror or your helper to ensure this.


  26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48  
26 28AA                                             26
27 28A 28AA                                           27
28 28A 28A 28AA                                         28
29 28B 28B 28A 30AA                                       29
30 28C 28C 28B 30A 30AA                                     30
31 28D 28D 28C 30B 30A 32AA                                   31
32 28DD 28DD 28D 30C 30B 32A 32AA                                 32
33 28F 28F 28DD 30D 30C 32B 32A 34AA                               33
34 28FF 28FF 28F 30DD 30D 32C 32B 34A 34AA                             34
35 28G 28G 28FF 30F 30DD 32D 32C 34B 34A 36AA                           35
36 28H 28H 28G 30FF 30F 32DD 32D 34C 34B 36A 36AA                         36
37 28I 28I 28H 30G 30FF 32F 32DD 34D 34C 36B 36A 38AA                       37
38 28J 28J 28I 30H 30G 32FF 32F 34DD 34D 36C 36B 38A 38AA                     38
39 28K 28K 28J 30I 30H 32G 32FF 34F 34DD 36D 36C 38B 38A 40AA                   39
40   28L 28K 30J 30I 32H 32G 34FF 34F 36DD 36D 38C 38B 40A 40AA                 40
41     28L 30K 30J 32I 32H 34G 34FF 36F 36DD 38D 38C 40B 40A 42AA               41
42       30L 30K 32J 32I 34H 34G 36FF 36F 38DD 38D 40C 40B 42A 42AA             42
43         30L 32K 32J 34I 34H 36G 36FF 38F 38DD 40D 40C 42B 42A 44AA           43
44           32L 32K 34J 34I 36H 36G 38FF 38F 40DD 40D 42C 42B 44A 44AA         44
45             32L 34K 34J 36I 36H 38G 38FF 40F 40DD 42D 42C 44B 44A 46AA       45
46               34L 34K 36J 36I 38H 38G 40FF 40F 42DD 42D 44C 44B 46A 46AA     46
47                 34L 36K 36J 38I 38H 40G 40FF 42F 42DD 44D 44C 46B 46A 48AA   47
48                   36L 36K 38J 38I 40H 40G 42FF 42F 44DD 44D 46C 46B 48A 48AA 48
49                     36L 38K 38J 40I 40H 42G 42FF 44F 44DD 46D 46C 48B 48A 49
50                       38L 38K 40J 40I 42H 42G 44FF 44F 46DD 46D 48C 48B 50
51                         38L 40K 40J 42I 42H 44G 44FF 46F 46DD 48D 48C 51
52                           40L 40K 42J 42I 44H 44G 46FF 46F 48DD 48D 52
53                             40L 42K 42J 44I 44H 46G 46FF 48F 48DD 53
54                               42L 42K 44J 44I 46H 46G 48FF 48F 54
55                                 42L 44K 44J 46I 46H 48G 48FF 55
56                                   44L 44K 46J 46I 48H 48G 56
57                                     44L 46K 46J 48I 48H 57
58                                       46L 46K 48J 48I 58
59                                         46L 48K 48J 59
60                                           48L 48K 60
61                                             48L 61
  26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48  



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